I currently don't have anything formally scheduled, however all classes and sessions may be booked privately on an individual or group basis. 

**Sign up with a friend and receive a discount for each of you.**


~ Reiki 1

~ Reiki 2

~ Reiki 3

~ Reiki Master

~ Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki ™ 

~ All 6 levels of Lightarian and a Buddha boost if needed

~ Booster Attunements

~ In-Person Reiki Session

~ Distant Reiki

~ Reiki Shares


~ Introduction to Shamanism (2-day course)
~ 16-Month Shamanism Course (coming soon)
~ Shamanic Healing Session 

   (to include any of the various modalities that may be necessary)
~ Shamanic Journey Session
~ Shamanic Soul Retrieval
~ A Guide to Spirit Animal Wisdom
~ Shamanic Inspired Meditations & Nature Walk

~ Ancestral Work

~ Drumming Circle