Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrievals are a part of the healing work, but it is a powerful tool that should be addressed separately. If you feel a little lost or maybe you just don’t feel like “you” anymore, a Soul Retrieval may be in order.  Soul loss occurs when we move through a traumatic event. When a situation is simply too much for us to handle, part of our soul may decide to protect itself by leaving us. It’s like a piece of the puzzle from our life is missing and we’re not sure where the piece went. 

In indigenous cultures, the Shaman would almost immediately address the soul loss issue, in order to regain the missing soul part for the traumatized self, but here in the West, we may let it go on for years. Westerners tend to take a proverbial pill instead of retrieving a part of them that is missing. The pill, of course, cannot bring back your missing part, so it can't bring to relief.   

During a Soul Retrieval we invite one or more of our missing soul parts to rejoin us so that we may feel whole again. We honor that missing soul part through art, meditation, journey work and contemplation. Some things to note about soul retrievals:  

  • The first thing you will want to ask yourself before moving through a soul retrieval is, “Are you ready for a big change in your life?” If the answer is no, that is perfect. It just means that today is not the day for a retrieval. If, on the other hand, the answer is yes, then this may be what you are looking for to feel complete again. Just remember that big change can feel chaotic, since sometimes you need to clear the way of the old, to make way for the new, but the Universe is always working in our favor. Things will eventually settle down.

  • It is imperative that you refrain from alcohol or drugs (with the exception of prescribed medication) 24-hours before and after a soul retrieval.

  • Give yourself enough time for contemplation. In other words, don’t rush off to work after a soul retrieval. Spend time in nature instead. You may choose to bring your favorite stone or crystal. Soul parts like working with the “Stone People.”

  • Give yourself about 2-3 hours for a session with me. We will have time for discussion, calling in the directions, illumination, meditation, the soul retrieval itself, before and after reflection, and closing the space.

  • Once the soul retrieval is done, you are not done. It takes about 2-4 weeks to integrate the soul part. It is imperative to meditate and/or journey to it daily until the integration is complete. Ask it what it needs. Ask it what gifts it is bringing to you. Welcome it “home.”

  • Please Note: A Soul Retrieval is not always going to happen just because one wants it. Spirit leads the way in the healing and if it is called for on any given day, it will happen. If not, it might happen on a different day, when you are more prepared for it.

Follow your heart. If you are called to this practice, I would be delighted to assist you. 


RATE: Sliding Scale $55 - $155


Shamanic Healing

A Shamanic Healing addresses the core energetic reasons behind our behaviors, ailments, and traumas. While in a trance state, the Shamanic Practitioner moves through non-ordinary reality in order to obtain this information. The Shamanic practitioner works in conjunction with various Helping Spirits, and it is they who are the actual healers.  

Since a healing session is guided by our Helping Spirits they are never the same. They are all unique, but some of the things that might be included in a session would be: Extractions, Soul Retrievals, Animal Guide Retrievals, Balancing of the Chakras, Shamanic Journeying, Spirit Releasement, and Toning, among other things. 

Quite often, they include an Illumination, where the issue that the client is working on is “illuminated” or brought to their attention. The person feels it authentically in their body. This process helps to release the issue from one’s energetic field. With every illumination that we have, we create a more protected, healthy, and luminous energy body.

Healing vs. Curing

A Shamanic Healing does not necessarily mean there will be a cure for an ailment. Healing works at the Soul level, while a cure is often just a bandaid that does not address the core issue behind an ailment. Without dealing with the core issue, it will likely manifest in another way at a later time. Granted, in a Shamanic Healing, there might still be a physical cure, but that is not the point behind a genuine healing. The point is instead to connect with our authentic LIGHT Spirit Self and to evolve the Soul. 

Moreover, Shamanism aids in helping us reframe our viewpoints in order to see that obstacles are simply opportunities to learn. As we move through the process of healing, we release the old and therefore create new paradigms for ourselves.

Please note that Shamanism is not a replacement for allopathic medicine. Shamanism is not a magic pill. You must do the work, but if you are willing to move through the process, it can bring ease into your well-BE-ing—and that is the blessing behind this practice.

A Healing may be practiced in-person or distantly.

If you are called to dive deeply within the self, I would be delighted to be of service to you.

 RATE: Sliding Scale $55 - $155 


Shamanic Journeying

In Shamanic journeying we receive direct revelation from the Universe. This practice is the bread and butter of Shamanism. There are many aspects to this work, but at its core, journey work opens the door for us to communicate with our Helping Spirits.   

Some of the aspects of journey work include being able to receive answers to questions or to receive an energetic healing. We can connect with our ancestors or bring back our missing Soul parts. We can merge with our Power Animal or even the elements. The possibilities are truly endless.  

Journey work takes place in non-ordinary reality and we reach that space through the beat of a drum or a rattle. It's easy. It's fun. And it's like taking a mini-vacation!

Discovering this modality started me on the road to becoming a practitioner. I am passionate about his work. Perhaps you will be too.

Private Session: $111

Groups of 5 or more $22 each


Introduction to Shamanism

If you are ready to dip into the waters of becoming a Shamanic practitioner, this is your first step. On Day 1 of this two-day class, we start off by smudging, and Calling in the Directions in order to create Sacred Space. We will then explore the world of chakras and the elements. The meat and potatoes of this class is the Shamanic Journey. We will practice several journeys, including one to meet our Power Animal so that we can familiarize ourselves with this wonderful technique.

On Day 2, we explore Divination, muscle-testing and the Enneagram, while our primary focus is to learn our first Shamanic healing tool called an Illumination. This is a foundational practice that will be used in conjunction with various modalities taught in my other courses. 

This class is required before moving on to the 16-Month Training.

This class does require that you bring a few items. I will forward an email to all who register for the class regarding what needs to be brought.

Sign up with a friend, $200 each.

DAY 1 = Sunday, October 27th

DAY 2 = Sunday, November 3rd

10am both days


Shamanic Meditations & Nature Walk

So often we walk around with blinders on, never paying attention to the world around us. This class gives us an opportunity to open up all of our physical senses to the wonders that are simply everywhere. As we learn to develop our sense of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch, our naturally intuitive sixth sense will begin to blossom as well. This is accomplished by practicing various seated and active meditations.

While each class may be slightly different, some activities we partake in might be discovering how to focus on one sense at a time, learning to read the clouds, rocks and leaves, participating in some active grounding exercises, and so on. For the pièce de résistance, we venture on our nature walk. Our goal is not to get a cardiac workout. Instead, we pay attention to our symbiotic relationship with Nature as we practice a thoughtful walk guided by our intuition. For example, we may feel inclined to softly touch a leaf, smell a flower, watch a tree as the leaves sway in the wind, listen to the birds singing their songs, etc.

After each exercise we discuss what each of us is noticing. Often there is a running theme during each activity, which is one way the Universe communicates with us. We explore possible meanings of the Universe's clues to help get each of us thinking about how the physical world is a metaphor for what is going on for us Spiritually. Everyone is invited to share in this beautiful practice.

Please note this is a 2-3 hour class depending on conversation in between each meditative tool we learn.

$20 each
Sign up with a friend, $15 each


16-Month Shamanic Training

The Depths of Shamanism

Throughout the series, we learn to appreciate the Universe from an Animist approach. All things have Spirit. As such, we learn about the Elements, the Directions, Animal Guides and other Helping Spirits, various Divination and Healing Techniques, and of course, the all important Shamanic Journey.

The Directions


The training is broken down into the Four Directions beginning with SOUTH.

In SOUTH we learn how to Journey. We practice our first healing technique—the Illumination. The overall theme of this direction is learning forgiveness.

In WEST we tap into our Shadow and learn to heal and integrate it. We add onto our healing toolkit by learning how to do extractions and by utilizing psychopomp work.

In NORTH we work with Ancestral Medicine and we dive into the practice of Soul Retrievals.

In EAST we work deeply with Mother Earth and Father Sky Medicine and learn Manifestation techniques.

The first two classes in SOUTH are taught over a weekend. For the remaining classes, we will meet for a full day once a month. There are 4 classes per direction, with an additional class held outdoors at the end of the series. Practice and homework between classes is required for certification. If certification is not your thing, then just show up to class and learn while in the classroom.

If you are called to this work, I encourage you to come join the fun!

$550 per direction to be paid prior to the first course in each direction.


$1,900 if paid in full prior to the first class.

Ancestral Work


In our modern-day world, we have lost the connection with our Ancestors. Beyond our grandparents or perhaps our great-grandparents, we don't have a clue as to who these people are. We may not know the stories from our families, but we may meet them in Non-Ordinary Reality. 

By working with our well an ascended ancestors, we may also heal the lineages that came before us. With each healing to the line, we heal ourselves too.

 RATE: Sliding Scale $55 - $155 



In Greek Mythology, the recently deceased would pay Charon to guide them across the River Styx in order to go where they needed to go. In contemporary Shamanic terms, there isn't any need to pay someone to go anywhere. Most Souls are able to get to their next destination with ease. However, certain Spirits and energies may be stuck. For one thing, they may not realize they are deceased, or they may be unwell and in need of a healing before they move on. The Shamanic Practitioner helps with their healing and offers guidance so that they are able to go into their Light.

Psychopomp Work can encompass Spirit Attachments, and House and Property Clearings.

RATE for Spirit Attachment Healing: 

Sliding Scale $55 - $155

RATE for House & Property Clearing:

Gratitude Donation

Animal helping spirit retrieval


If you ever feel that you have a loss of power, or you may be entrenched in fear or anxiety, it may be that an Animal Helping Spirit Retrieval is in order. Animal Helping Spirits all have power and they bring that strength to us. This is their Medicine and offering to us.

RATE: Sliding Scale $55 - $155