What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is the oldest form of medicine. All indigenous cultures have practiced it over the millennia—and they still practice it. That’s because it works. Moreover, in the last few decades, this ancient modality has found its way into the mainstream. No longer is Shamanism for the “one” Spiritual leader in the tribe. Now, everyone who is drawn to this beautiful modality may practice it.

The word Shaman, or Shamaness if you are a female practitioner, is a Siberian word that means one who knows. A Shamanic practitioner practices Divination, healing, and journey work through ritual, ceremony and by chanting. He or she moves through what is known as non-ordinary reality with ease, enabling a strong connection with our Spirit Guides, or what is more commonly known today as Helping Spirits.

Shamanism is my passion. I invite you to explore this site to learn more about my offerings.

"May you walk in beauty." 

Navajo Saying



Step into the world of Shamanism.



Shamanic Journeying

In Shamanic journeying we receive direct revelation from the Universe. This practice is the bread and butter of Shamanism. There are many aspects to this work, but at its core, journey work opens the door for us to communicate with our Helping Spirits.  

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Shamanic Healing

A Shamanic Healing addresses the core energetic reasons behind our behaviors, ailments, and traumas. While in a trance state, the Shamanic Practitioner moves through non-ordinary reality in order to obtain this information. The Shamanic practitioner works in conjunction with various Helping Spirits, and it is they who are the actual healers. 

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Soul Retrievals

Soul Retrievals are a part of the healing work, but it is a powerful tool that should be addressed separately. If you feel a little lost or maybe you just don’t feel like “you” anymore, a Soul Retrieval may be in order. 

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Ancestral Work

Meet your ancestors. Learn how they all connect with not only your genetics, but how their story weaves into your own story. 

And learn to work with your ascended well and vibrant ancient ancestors to heal the family lineages as a whole.

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Intro to Shamanism

For most of history, Shamanism was practiced by only one person in the tribe. Things are shifting on our planet now. There is an opportunity for all who are interested in this work to become a practitioner. This class is the first step.

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16-Month Shamanic Training

In this in depth course, we learn to see the Universe from an Animist approach. Everything has Spirit: the Sun, the Earth, the Trees, even the burrito you had for lunch. In this training, we connect with the elements, as well as our Animal Guides and other Helping Spirits. We meet our Ancestors and Past Life Selves. We learn various Divination methods, and Healing Techniques, and we master the foundation of our work—the Shamanic Journey.

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Shamanic Meditations & Nature Walk

So often we walk around with blinders on, never paying attention to the world around us. This class gives us an opportunity to open up all of our physical senses to the wonders that are simply everywhere. As we learn to develop our sense of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch, our naturally intuitive sixth sense will begin to blossom as well. This is accomplished by practicing various seated and active meditations. 

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Something Different


Multi-Practitioner Healing Session

Working with one person is powerful. Working with many, enhances the experience. Every practitioner listens to their own Inner Wisdom to understand what their part in the healing should entail. An example of how a multi-practitioner Shamanic healing session might look would be that one practitioner might be rattling or drumming, one might tone, one might ground, one might do an illumination, one might do a guided meditation. The sky is the limit! We discuss with you your needs and then we listen to the Universe. Every session is different, because we are guided what to do. If you haven't experienced a multi-practitioner session before, I highly recommend this manner of energy work.