Reiki is an energetic healing modality discovered by Mikao Usui. It differs from other healing methods, in that attunements are passed from teacher to student, which activates the Reiki Energy. There is no need for years or even months of study. It's simply a one day class. 

Read my article, "What is Reiki?"

A one minute video is worth a thousand words.

(And yes, that is my voice.)

Reiki Classes & Sessions


Reiki ~ Energy Healing Session

Re-charge and revitalize your energy system with a Private Reiki Session. During this thirty-minute treatment, we will invite the energetic healing that will serve your highest good. Please note that while the sessions themselves will be thirty minutes we will spend time chatting beforehand, and we will discuss any intuitive information that may come through afterwards, as well. So, allow about an hour or so for your appointment. 

 RATE: All healing sessions are offered without a structured fee. Instead there will be a GRATITUDE EXCHANGE. Whether that means a monetary donation or a gift of some kind, you decide on what is appropriate for the work you receive. 


Reiki Level 1

Reiki 1 is your first step into the world of Reiki. We learn the fundamentals of Reiki and its history in the morning. The attunement process will take place in the afternoon. Once attuned you are forever more a Reiki healer! We will then experience self-Reiki, where you give Reiki to your self. Then we will practice both giving and receiving full Reiki sessions. It's that easy and so much fun too! 


Sign up with a friend $125 each


Reiki Level 2

Reiki 2 offers a deeper understanding of the Reiki experience. We learn the first 3 symbols and learn to manipulate the Reiki energy with more ease. We also learn to send it across space and time. Sending it to someone in India while you are in San Francisco is not a problem. In the morning we have a class session and go over questions regarding Reiki 1. We learn about the symbols and how to draw them. In the afternoon we move into the attunement process. We then practice distance healing and finally experience both giving and receiving hands-on Reiki using the newly learned symbols.


Sign up with a friend $125 each


Reiki Level 3

At this level, you must be pre-approved by the instructor beforehand. As you move through this level, your commitment to Reiki has deepened dramatically. Reiki is a part of your life in a dramatic way and you are now walking the mystery. To prepare for the Reiki 3 class, students must work on each of the 3 symbols learned in Reiki 2 for 7 days each, journaling your impressions for the teacher's review. I also recommend that you read at least 3 books on Reiki, including Diane Stein's Essential Reiki, plus two others of your choice and Louise Hay's book called You Can Heal Your Life. Once the prerequisites are complete, the class will take place, 

During the morning of the class, we will go over the Reiki Packet and review any questions or concerns that have come up for you during your Reiki experience. We will learn how to utilize the Reiki Grid. We then learn the fourth symbol plus my own master symbol. We then practice both giving and receiving hands-on Reiki using the newly learned symbol and working the auric field.


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Reiki Master

Reiki Master Candidates must apprentice a Reiki Class with me.

This class is only offered to those who are committed to TEACH Reiki TO OTHERS. At this level, you must be pre-approved by the instructor beforehand. Requirements for this class are as follows: students must work on both master symbols learned in Reiki 3 for 7 days each, journaling your impressions for the teacher's review. You are required to read three books by different authors on Reiki and one on the chakras. You can replace one Reiki book on another book that will benefit your teaching practice IE shamanism, chakras, etc; a prepared outline version of your own Reiki Packet or other form or Reiki teaching tools. After teacher approval, our class time will cover any questions from the Reiki 3 level, going over your teaching tools and any questions you may have. The rest of the day we will be working with the passing of the attunements.


Sign up with a friend $200 each


Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki ™

 Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki is an advanced training course for those Reiki Masters who are looking to go deeper into their practice. It still works with the Universal Life Force, but at a Higher Vibrational level than traditional Usui Reiki. 

Karuna is Sanskrit for "Compassionate Action" while Holy Fire is the ancient healing fire brought to the Earth plane by Jesus and the Holy Spirit. 

In this course, we learn 9 more symbols, and instead of attunements, we have ignitions which feel similar to a Shamanic Journey. 

Proof of Certification for Usui Reiki Master Training required.

3-Day Course



Lightarian 1 ~ 6

If you are already a Reiki Master, but wish to further develop your skills, then Lightarian Reiki may just be what you are looking for. With the guidance of the Ascended Master Buddha, this version of Reiki taps into the broader spectrum of Reiki energies, offering six new bands of energetic vibration. It opens new doors of Awakening and expands our healing awareness and abilities, as well. Six levels of Lightarian are available in a one-session period for each session available to those of us who wish to deepen our connection with this Universal energy field.

Pre-requisites:The student must be a Usui based Reiki Master AND you must also either be a Karuna Reiki Master OR a Buddhic Boost Attunement* is available to increase your vibration, readying you for the Lightarian levels.

Attunements are offered either in person or distantly via phone, Skype or email.With each attunement level you will receive:

  • A training manual to study at your own convenience.
  • A certificate.
  • Email support to aid with your self-study.
  • Registration with the Lightarian Institute.

After receiving at least a level 3 attunement, you will then be able to pass attunements to others at the level you have completed. Once registered with the Lightarian Institute, you will be able to order your own study manuals for your students.So, if you are feeling called to accelerate your Spiritual Awareness and wish to access even more of your innate healing abilities, as well as release the energies that are no longer serving you, then come bask in the Light with Lightarian Reiki.* 

Please note that the Buddhic Boost does not offer a certificate or booklet.

Buddhic Boost $50

Lightarian Reiki $99 for Each Level

$50 Savings if you pay in advance for all the 

Lightarian levels up front. 


Booster Attunements

Once you are attuned to the Reiki energy you are forevermore a Reiki practitioner. However, my Reiki master, Anna Dorian, taught me that even though I have been attuned to the Reiki energy by her, that doesn't mean I shouldn't get attunements from as many teachers as I can. Of course, re-taking the entire class is not necessary. However, each time we are attuned, we go through a shift and our reiki abilities are strengthened. I myself have been attuned by 6 reiki masters. And I look forward to having more. As the spiral symbolizes growth, change, and reaching for a higher more evolved state, so does a new attunement.

(Please note: Certification from previous Reiki masters must be provided in order to have a booster attunement and all new students who did not have me as a teacher for their earlier classes must have booster attunements for the previous levels.)

$25 per Reiki Level 


Reiki Shares

Reiki-Energetic Healing Circles are a wonderful way of connecting with our own innate Inner Wisdom in order to call in the healing needed for the physical, mental/emotional and Spiritual planes of our existence. In this group, we will take turns practicing energetic healing mini-sessions with each other, by blending the energetic practices from all traditions, such as Reiki, Shamanism and Sound Healing, just to name a few. So, whether you are a master healer, a complete novice, or somewhere in between, you are invited to share a safe and loving space to bring forth the transformation you desire. 

A Gratitude Donation would be gladly accepted and greatly appreciated. If this is a hardship, no one will be turned away.