Lightarian reiki

The Reiki of Ascended Master Buddha

There are eight vibrational bandwidths of Reiki. The first level consists of any branch of Usui-based Reiki. 

The second tier is where Karuna Reiki™ resides. This middle ground between Usui and Lightarian™ may also be reached through a Buddhic Boost™ if one is not already a Karuna Reiki Master. 

The highest six levels belong to the Lightarian™ Realm.

While Lightarian™ is still Reiki, it is different in that there isn't any need for an all-day class, nor are there are any additional symbols. Memorization is not required with this modality. Lightarian™ is about a state of BE-ing, not DO-ing. 

Moreover, the attunement process is also different. With Lightarian™ the student experiences a guided meditation that bridges a connection with Ascended Master Buddha (not to be confused with Guatama Siddhartha) and the Reiki Master's Higher Self to create a  beautiful dynamic for the attunement to take place. As in all Reiki modalities, the intention of the teacher stimulates the process to occur.

Once you are attuned at any given level, you will forever be a Lightarian™ practitioner, and once you are registered with the Lightarian Institute™, you will also be able to teach at that level.

Why take Lightarian Reiki™?

  • It helps with a deepening level of your own personal healing. 
  • The vibration of your Chakras and Light Body are raised. 
  • The Reiki you offer will be at a higher energetic resonance.
  • A deepening connection  with your own Authentic Self emerges.
  • After each level of training you are able to practice healing sessions with Lightarian Reiki™ and once you are registered with the Lightarian Institute™ you will also be able to train/attune students at that level.

Lightarian Reiki™ Levels & Rates: 

There are six levels (plus the Buddhic Boost if needed) taught in four sessions.

Levels 1 and 2 ~ $195


Level 1 and 2 with Buddhic Boost (only if not a Karuna Reiki Master) ~ $245

Level 3 ~ $95 

Level 4 ~ $95

Levels 5 and 6 ~ $95

Entire Lightarian Reiki™ Course ~ $432

A minimum 30-Day waiting period between each session is recommended.

What you receive after each session:

  • A training manual to study at your own convenience.
  • A certificate.
  • Email support to aid with your self-study.
  • Registration with the Lightarian™ Institute.

Lightarian Reiki™ may be taught in person, or remotely via Skype or Email.  

Please note that Lightarian Reiki is offered to Reiki Master's only. Proof of Reiki Master Certification is required.