Gratitude ~ Testimonials

Recently, I had a remote healing session with Lisa. It was called a Shamanic Illumination. She explained everything prior to the healing. I found it to be a very moving, personal experience, and at one point I swear I could actually feel that I was being cradled in her hands. It was very powerful, which was incredible considering it was done over the phone! I am still using the tools I learned from that healing session.

- Halina


I recently completed Reiki 2 with Lisa, it was a fun and life changing day. I felt the level of energy and heat in my hands rise significantly from reiki 1. Since then, I have been using reiki every day on myself, on other people, places, events, illnesses, the list is endless!!

I didn't realize the extent of healing that it could offer: sending reiki to past, present and future events. Reiki has helped ease some worries and make me more aware of my life purpose. Lisa is an open, enthusiastic and compassionate teacher who encourages going with your own guidance and intuition, as well as using the traditional symbols etc. She also keeps things light with a good dose of humour! A nice blend. Thank you again Lisa for this gift.

- Caitlin Gardan
  Sydney, Australia


I had my first experience with a full Reiki treatment when I was suffering from a serious asthma problem and sinus infection - my experience with Lisa's work was nothing short of outstanding. I do not know how this occurred, but the work cleared my lungs! It's one thing to believe in the concept of energy work, and quite another to experience such a result. As I told Lisa, she 'rocked my world.' I am excited to discover this truly amazing health modality.

You inpire. You are a living example that life is about dreams, not work; about our soul, not our worries; about our talent, not our doubts. Thank You Lisa.

- Coleen Cole Morrison
  Vallejo, California


I've worked with Reiki and healing arts intensively for more than five years, and recommend Lisa with utmost confidence and deep respect. Her amazing capacity to honor healing work in all of its forms, with laughter and frankness, combined with her astute perceptions regarding what healing is needed and to what degree, consistently astound and amaze me. Lisa's real gift is her boundless capacity to give, and honor where we are on our healing paths. I cannot count the times she's gone above and beyond in sending me Reiki, doing an impromptu and phenomenally valuable journey, or just listening and giving sound advice and supremely useful tools for daily living. Lisa is a gift to this planet at this time of great healing and shift. I give thanks daily for her presence here, and in my life. For a deep and lasting return to wholeness, I strongly suggest you embark with Lisa on a healing journey ... she is beautiful, royal and gifted. Lisa, thank you for sharing your gifts.

- Anna Dorian


Reiki WORKS! 'There has been real progress in my life! I first noticed a shift in my consciousness when I confronted an old negative thinking pattern I sometimes fell into. It was then I realized that it was the negativity driving me not the thought. My comfort level communicating with total strangers has increased ... due to the fact that I am more aware of what they are communicating; where as that was not always the case in the past. Last night at a Thanksgiving dinner, I used Reiki on my friend's injured shoulder and he felt a decrease in pain; in the past I employed a different method to no effect. Thank You!' Peace and happiness ...

- Robert
  Vallejo, California


Wow! Lisa is truly a powerful and gifted Reiki Master! I was guided to take Reiki I and II classes with Lisa by her friend. Intuitively, I knew from the minute we spoke that Lisa was to be my Reiki Teacher. Lisa brought out the wonderful healing gifts I never thought I had. I am now able to perform Reiki to myself, to my two young kids (almost on a daily basis) and even to a friend living outside the country! The effects have been enormous. I won't hesitate for a second recommending Lisa as a Reiki practitioner to anyone who would like to take her classes or to have her perform the Reiki service. Lisa truly is a wonderful and gifted healer. Thank you Lisa! In Light and Love, Jo from California.Blessings,

- Jo Moriwaki
  The United States


I just had my first spiritual counseling session with Lisa and I feel super motivated. I'm not sure how she did that, but everything she said really resonated with me. We talked about my issues and goals and she gave me good ideas to look into, as well as practical exercises that can help me along the way. She's an awesome person and great coach. I highly recommend to everybody who is in need of some direction in life...Thanks!

- Susie
  Sacramento, California


I have just finished reading your last post Memories of My Grandfather. It's so beautiful it made me cry! I just love your writing style, it's very moving but with a kind of lightness around it - and it's funny too - it has everything!

- Marilia Chaumont


I recently had a distance healing session with Lisa. Without ever meeting me, she very accurately pinpointed specific areas that needed healing, worked on those areas, and then gave me compassionate guidance about how to continue the work that she'd started with her healing gifts. After the session, I felt lighter -- spiritually, emotionally, and physically. I highly recommend Lisa and her work.

- Karen Hager, the Fog City Psychic


My soul retrieval session with Lisa Tunney was - in one word - PHENOMENAL! Although we did it by phone (She's in California and I'm in New York) I could feel her energy flow around and through me. My 1st Chakra has always been the root of my insecurities and fear. I experienced my chakra being 'cleaned out' for lack of a better word and filled with enormous love and reverence. The retrieval of my souls was something I could never prepare for or imagine. To say it was transformational, is an understatement. I am left in a state of secure bliss and grace.

Thank you Lisa!

-Marion, NYC


Lisa was my Reiki master and I have experienced many things with and through her. She is truly gifted and connected to the Divine. When she added Shamanic Journeying to her ever expanding spiritual toolkit, I jumped at the chance to explore and experience this. One of the things I find most interesting is the way she approaches her practice. She explains things that may or may not happen and puts you at ease. Her voice is soothing. The journey itself is private with music, but afterwards if you should choose to, you can discuss with her what you experienced. She listens and shares thoughts and guides you to see how it can relate to you. She doesn't put thoughts or ideas in your head. Lisa is a true gift to this universe and all people she touches. She lives up to what her website says "Guiding people to their own inner wisdom". It is up to us to do the work, seek assistance or whatever calls you on her site. One of her gifts is to shine the light within us so that we can see what and how it relates to us at that moment in time. My journey experiences were very powerful and with her guidance and having me look at things in a different way I felt more self-empowered. One of the many things I love about Lisa is her ability to make you smile and laugh. She is powerful, beautiful and true source of Divine Love. She will always help you with the seeds you may have planted in your life even the ones you may have forgotten so that they grow and come into fruition. I would recommend Shamanic Journeying to everyone who reads this plus be sure to see what other avenues you can explore with her.

Peace & Blessing

- Halina



It was a wonderful Spritual/Reiki experience! Everyone is so kind and open. Lisa is very knowledgeable and welcoming and has a great sense of humor to keep things from getting too heavy. I will definitely go back! Nice meeting everyone! A la prochaine!

- Lisa Lisa Artista
  Paris, France

Fantastic, powerful, healing, sharing, safe. Thank you!

- Alexandra Oakley
  Paris, France

I have been to several Reiki sessions now hosted by Lisa. Each session is different yet very rich: a mix of meditation, healing and love. The group atmosphere is great, you can really open up with total confidence, there is a lot of sharing to help each other grow.

- Patrick Champonnois
  Paris, France


This was an intimate, warm and moving meeting. I recommend anyone interested in Reiki and spirituality in general make it to one of Lisa's events. I certainly will be!

- Ischa Nina Ropert
  Paris, France

A magical experience! Could tangibly feel the flow of energy around the circle. Thanks for leading this, Lisa!

- Marie Holm
  Paris, France


Wow, Lisa, Thank you for this wake up call to my senses in the beautiful setting of the Parc Butte de Chaumont. I highly recommend this Meetup group. What a great way to practice mindfulness. I feel more present and connected to myself and my moment by moment experience of life. I just ate an orange and I was so in touch with the taste, smell and texture of it as I ate. Thank you thank you thank you!

- Mark Walker
  Paris, France


I SO enjoyed the grounding exercise. The meditation in such a natural and public environment was very deep. Time just passed by, as we absorbed the moment.

- Tyrone Morris
  Paris, France


It was absolutely wonderful! An easy way to reconnect to yourself in an every noisy and crowded Paris, plus the site is a pure marvel and it is a great way to stay in the present moment and enjoy the spring awakening of nature.

- Kateryna
  Paris, France


Lisa is truly a Master not just of Reiki but also of life. THANK YOU! Your connection with self, nature & Oneness will definitely be increased by these walk/meditations. Remember, however, that you are like a parachute, unless you are open, it won't work.

- Blitz Poston
  Paris, France


I am so blown away by the Reiki Boosters I have received by Lisa. I love Lisa's shamanic approach and all the notes and special touches she includes in the sharing of the experience. I have recently received the Level 2 booster and I am experiencing profound physical clearing of old memories and a releasing of trapped emotions. I am also noticing a deep interest and attunement with crystals. My third eye is opening and my dream life is expanding. Everything is synching up in my life to support my Awakening. Thank you Lisa for this amazing support!

- Elizabeth
  Ashland, Oregon

After the Reiki I booster attunement, I felt a deeper connection with the energy, a sense of peace and calm, and further calling to use Reiki.

- Alexe Oakley
  Paris, France


Lisa, I really felt that the booster attunements I received helped me to consolidate my Reiki experience, and it also directed me to where I need to grow. It was wonderful and enlightening - I was left grounded for the rest of the week! Very different from my previous attunements. Thank you so much.

- Suad Kelkal
  Paris, France

I think booster attunements can really be powerful and create deep shifts within us even if we have been attuned before. Lisa recently did all the levels of attunement on me up to master level although I already had reiki 3 from many years ago. I found the experience life-changing in that I moved up to the next level in terms of personal growth. I was weary for about a month, in a good way, but after that felt happier, more focused and generally had more ease and comfort in myself than before.

- Mark Oakley
  Paris, France


I feel that you are fulfilling what the Universe wants you to do - you have many gifts and you are using them to help others! WOW, Lisa, God is good!

- Linda Cox
  Charlotte, North Carolina

The Intuition Workshop, presented in a very clear and uplifting manner, made me feel very confident about intuition, and I left with something that I can take back and use straightaway. What is so different with your teaching is that for the first time there was no dogma, no rigid rituals to adhere to, or useless items I must buy; just absolute faith and trust in my personal ability to guide myself. You laid the foundation for me, and then allowed me to explore it without judgment or prejudice - I wasn't contained or boxed up, but free to be! This is by far the most refreshing experience I've had in a long time. The manner in which you present yourself, and the insights you brought along with your stories, "is all good!" Thank you for sharing this with me.

- Suad Kelkal
  Paris, France

Today's session was amazing as always whether it was in our first cafe meeting, from your Reiki 1 class, your blogs, and today's class. It is like God gave me you to answer my questions and my thoughts, and the answers or things you said made a lot of sense. I see them as a lot of "ah-ha's". You are like my white parrot (animal guide) in physical human form helping me understand things better. So my gratitude goes to you.

- Hubert Gee
  South San Francisco, California

I so appreciated the intuitive notes Lisa shared with me after our session. It was in parts confirming and intriguing as I journaled on the symbols she saw and I thought it was provoking and touching. I would recommend a distance Reiki healing session with Lisa. Her heart and soul are clearly in the process.

Best wishes

- Lena
  United States


Thank you for that beautiful reading!!!! It was right on the money. Lately I have been worrying about my kids and their problems and what is happening to our country and the world. I think my body became sick because of that and your wonderful reading reminded me of this and to let go and let God. Fear of what is going to happen made me sick and your wonderful reading reminded me to knock it off!!!! At the same time a dear friend of mine also very spiritual reminded me of the same thing. So, spirit is reminding me in a big way to let go of worry! I will do this and eliminate fear and substitute trust and love and heal myself again! Love and thanks to you once again!

- Gail B.
  United States

 Lisa is a clear Divine channel. The guidance she brings through is offered with love, practicality, and empathy. She has a true gift for illuminating blocks and bringing to awareness tools for moving through them. Her gentle, compassionate style and willingness to go as deep as necessary to help you on your path are only a few of the reasons I recommend her highly.

- Karen