Telecourses are a wonderful way to get in touch with our Spirit without having to leave our homes! Time and distance are no barrier to energy and I am delighted to share any of the classes that are offered, whenever it is the best time for you take them. We are all connected by our intention, not our proximity to each other. So, whether you are being called to take these classes in the past, present or future, you are absolutely welcome into the space.

While there isn’t a scheduled telecourse at this time, please feel free to listen to a recording of From Fear to Grace from The Inviting Change Series recorded on April 3rd, 2013 (co-taught with Karen Hager).

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About Karen Hager

*Karen is an intuitive guide and psychic channel who specializes in helping people who are in transition get Spirit-led guidance about their next steps. She teaches intuitive development classes for those who are awakening to their spiritual gifts. As the Fog City Psychic, Karen hosts the popular weekly radio show "Out of the Fog" on Blogtalk Radio, Transformation Talk Radio and WBLQ. To learn more about Karen, please visit her site at

What People are Saying:

I so loved it. I do a lot of work on myself via Landmark but as this focused more on meditation and spiritual guidance it was a perfect balance! I loved the structure with the grounding/opening meditation, the lesson and the discussion following the reading. I also loved that we had the 5 minute break for tea, hot chocolate, etc—and the gratitude exercise brought me to tears even though I completed it via recording. Thank you for the work you do!

- Marion Fiore

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