Soul Retrieval

Feeling a little lost? Maybe you just don’t feel like “you” anymore? Perhaps it has been years or even decades since things have been right.

Soul loss occurs when we move through a traumatic event. When a situation is simply too much for us to handle, part of our soul may decide to protect itself by leaving us. It’s like a piece of the puzzle from our life is missing and we’re not sure where the piece went. In indigenous cultures, the medicine man or woman would almost immediately address the soul loss issue, in order to regain the missing soul part for the traumatized self, but here in the West, we have learned to take a pill. Unfortunately, that does nothing but put a proverbial Bandaid on the situation. We actually need to do the work.

During a Soul Retrieval we invite one or more of our missing soul parts to rejoin us so that we may feel whole again. We honor that missing soul part through art, meditation, journey work and contemplation.

Some things to note about soul retrievals:

  • The first thing you will want to ask yourself before moving through a soul retrieval is, “Are you ready for a big change in your life?” If the answer is no, that is perfect. It just means that today is not the day for a retrieval. If, on the other hand, the answer is yes, then this may be what you are looking for to feel complete again. Just remember that big change can feel chaotic, since sometimes you need to clear the way of the old, to make way for the new, but the Universe is always working in our favor. Things will eventually settle down.
  • It is imperative that you refrain from alcohol or drugs (with the exception of prescribed medication) 24-hours before and after a soul retrieval.
  • Give yourself enough time for contemplation. In other words, don’t rush off to work after a soul retrieval. Spend time in nature instead. You may choose to bring your favorite stone or crystal. Soul parts like working with the “Stone People.”
  • Give yourself 3-4 hours for a session with me. We will have time for discussion, calling in the directions, illumination, meditation, the soul retrieval itself, before and after reflection, and closing the space.
  • Once the soul retrieval is done, you are not done. It takes about 2-4 weeks to integrate the soul part. It is imperative to meditate and/or journey to it daily until the integration is complete. Ask it what it needs. Ask it what gifts it is bringing to you. Welcome it “home.”

Follow your heart. If you are called to this practice, I would be delighted to assist you.


$222 per session

What People are Saying:

My soul retrieval session with Lisa Tunney was - in one word - PHENOMENAL! Although we did it by phone (She's in California and I'm in New York) I could feel her energy flow around and through me. My 1st Chakra has always been the root of my insecurities and fear. I experienced my chakra being 'cleaned out' for lack of a better word and filled with enormous love and reverence. The retrieval of my souls was something I could never prepare for or imagine. To say it was transformational, is an understatement. I am left in a state of secure bliss and grace.

Thank you Lisa!

- Marion


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Meditation Suggestion

A healthy meditation practice helps to focus your thought process, allowing Source Energy to flow through you, bringing clarity to your life.

When you meditate on a regular basis, you will learn to relax your mind and go within allowing you to receive messages from the Universe, not just during meditation, but in all areas of your life.

It also feels good. It's like taking a 20 minute vacation!