Shamanism is the oldest form of medicine. All indigenous cultures have practiced it over the millennia—and they still practice it. That’s because it works. Moreover, in the last few decades, this ancient modality has found its way into the mainstream. No longer is Shamanism for the “one” Medicine Man or Woman in the tribe. Now, everyone can practice it.

The word Shaman, or Shamaness if you are a female practitioner, is a Siberian word that means he (or she) who knows. A Shamanic practitioner practices Divination, healing, and journey work through ritual, ceremony and by chanting. He or she moves through what is known as non-ordinary reality with ease, enabling a strong connection with our Spirit Guides.

Shamanism is my passion. I invite you to explore this site to learn more about my offerings.

"May you walk in beauty."
Navajo Saying


What People are Saying:

Recently, I had a remote healing session with Lisa. It was called a Shamanic Illumination. She explained everything prior to the healing. I found it to be a very moving, personal experience, and at one point I swear I could actually feel that I was being cradled in her hands. It was very powerful, which was incredible considering it was done over the phone! I am still using the tools I learned from that healing session.

-Halina, Arizona

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