Shamanic Journeying

Do you have a question you would like answered? Shamanic journeying opens the door for us to communicate with our guides to a) bring about spiritual healing and b) to enable us to find the answers we are looking for. It feels similar to meditation or a hypnotherapy session, however in a journey, we move into a trance state by the sound of a drumbeat. It's natural, it's easy and it's fun! Our first journey will be dedicated to meeting our Power Animal, our life long guide that helps us on our path.

For more advanced practitioners, just about anything goes. For example, we can not only find the answers we are seeking, but we can journey to the Spirit of a city we are thinking of moving to. We can send energetic healing to ourselves. We can meet our ancestors. It is possible to merge with our Power Animal, crystal, or anything at all. Frankly, the possibilities are endless. It is a tremendous blessing to be able to pay attention to the advice given from the Universe allowing the voice of Spirit to be our guiding force instead of ego.

Just to give an example of one of my own journeys, I had many spider bites on my body and this was the third time during the year that this had happened. When I journeyed to it, I found out that I needed to eat more cooked vegetables rather than raw ones. I laughed, because until the previous year cooked vegetables were the first thing I was drawn to eat. Even as a child, I would come home from school and cook some corn for my afternoon snack! So, now it was time to get back into my natural eating habits. And by the way, the bites all stopped itching when I found the answer.

In the Shamanic Journeying Circles, we will first introduce ourselves to the group. We will next call in the directions, and for the pièce de résistance, we will then have two or three journeys! We will finish it off with a closing ceremony. So, come join the fun!

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What People are Saying:

Lisa is a beautiful person and we had such an amazing experience with her on our shamanic journey. She leads a lovely practice and it is clear that Spirit flows through her to help bring you the messages that you are looking for. We are expecting our first child and through Lisa's guided journey had an incredible experience together. We highly recommend Lisa and enjoyed working with her very much!

- Marshall & Steph

Sedona, AZ

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Meditation Suggestion

A healthy meditation practice helps to focus your thought process, allowing Source Energy to flow through you, bringing clarity to your life.

When you meditate on a regular basis, you will learn to relax your mind and go within allowing you to receive messages from the Universe, not just during meditation, but in all areas of your life.

It also feels good. It's like taking a 20 minute vacation!