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Take Three Breaths

Sometimes life gets the best of us. Our anxiety rises and we feel like may just want to explode.

The good news is we can easily shift our reality simply by stopping for a moment in order to take three deep and conscious breaths.

As we pay attention to how the flow of air feels in not only our lungs, but in our entire body, a releasing takes place that is hard to miss.

I have even used this exercise on young children when they get into combative shenanigans with their siblings.

“You know what to do,” I say.

They each close their eyes, raise their arms up to the heavens with the in-breath.

They then lower their arms with the out breath, making it a beautiful ceremony.

After their customary three breaths they tell each other they love one another and all is forgiven.

Just like that, even this short meditation helps bring us into alignment with our Spirit.

So, next time you get stuck, stop and take three breaths. You are worth it!