Just for Ladies: Awakening the Divine Feminine

Do you have a desire to awaken the Divine Feminine within? The sexual revolution brought women so many powerful and beautiful gifts, but what it took away is the ability for many women to fully express their femaleness. Struck by fear of being "less than" the men, women have been trying to emulate our male counterparts in the work place. Instead of embracing our emotions and tapping into our Feminine Intuition, we have become assertive and action-oriented; therefore, denying our True Selves.

In this group we will explore our Feminine aspect. While every session will be slightly different depending on what is coming through Spirit, we will work through various exercises that may include individual and planetary energy healing, breath work, connecting with Goddess symbolism, sharing with one another, chanting, various intuition development exercises, exploring our relationship with Nature, and so on. As we practice, we will begin to rediscover what is rightfully ours by birth - our powerfully nurturing, intuitive and emotional selves.

What people are saying about this group:

"A fantastic, warm, exchange of energy, connection to the feminine, realization that we are all already "there", we just have to know it. Thank you to Lisa and all the wonderful ladies who came to this transformative evening."

- Alexandra Oakley

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What People are Saying:

Thank you so much for this evening, Lisa! I loved being part of the group and I loved your energy...Love and light, Sarah xx

- Sarah Pawley

Paris, France

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"...Spirit isn't just about going to a building and practicing for an hour a week. Being Spiritual is a way of life. Everything we do is about Spirit, whether we realize it or not - the way we breathe, each movement we take, the decisions we make, all of it. It's simply that when we open our awareness, we have more pleasure in the miracles that surround us in every moment."

- Lisa Tunney

from her book

The Seed Planter