Intuitive Guidance

One-on-one Spirit directed guidance is offered to help bring to Light information and/or confirmation on what your Inner Wisdom is already telling you. Each session is channeled while in a light trance state and therefore will be tailor-made for what your needs are in each moment.

Sometimes I am asked by the Universe to utilize Divination tools, such as a pendulum or oracle cards. Other times I am directed to share ideas to help shift the consciousness of your reality. As a story teller, I may be guided to tell stories to help you relate your situation in the grander scheme of things. We may even practice a meditation.

These sessions go deeper than a typical reading. They are not about finding out the exact date of when your next boyfriend will show up. Instead, Divinely guided techniques are offered to help you navigate the answering of your own questions that you seek as well as provide support to you on your road to Spiritual Maturation.

Sessions are available both in person and on Skype. So, no matter where you are in the world, we can connect vibrationally. Please keep in mind that the Spiritual dimension is boundless and therefore it has no restrictions with time. To keep in alignment with the Universe, my readings lasts as long as Spirit is coming through—whether that means 15 minutes or two hours, just know it will all be Divinely Guided.

What people are saying about my Intuitive Guidance:

"Lisa is a clear Divine channel. The guidance she brings through is offered with love, practicality, and empathy. She has a true gift for illuminating blocks and bringing to awareness tools for moving through them. Her gentle, compassionate style and willingness to go as deep as necessary to help you on your path are only a few of the reasons I recommend her highly."

- Karen Hager, Intuitive Guide

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