Introduction to Shamanism

If you are ready to dip into the waters of Shamanism, this is your first step. On Day 1 of this two-day class, we start off by smudging, and Calling in the Directions in order to create Sacred Space. We will then explore the world of chakras and the elements. The meat and potatoes of this class is the Shamanic Journey. We will practice three journeys, including one to meet our Power Animal.

On Day 2, we explore Divination, muscle-testing and the enneagram, while our primary focus is to learn our first Shamanic healing tool called an Illumination. This is a foundational practice that will be used in conjunction with various modalities taught in my other courses. Lastly, there will be a demonstration on how to put together an Incan style Mesa (or portable altar).

This class is required before moving on to the South, West, North, East and Mother Earth~Father Sky Classes.

This class does require that you bring a few items.

Must haves:

Day 1 ~

  • Water, Pen and Notebook

Day 2 ~

  • Water, Pen, Notebook, Pendulum, Rattle, a Small Cloth (may be a wash cloth, hand towel, scarf, fabric, etc.), One Hand-Held Stone or Crystal, Small Pillow or Stuffed Animal for Healing Work

Optional for all classes:

You will be taking off your shoes and at certain points you will be lying on the floor. You may choose to bring socks, a yoga mat, blankets, a pillow, and an eye pillow, although it is not compulsory to do so.


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What People are Saying:

Lisa is a beautiful person and we had such an amazing experience with her on our shamanic journey. She leads a lovely practice and it is clear that Spirit flows through her to help bring you the messages that you are looking for. We are expecting our first child and through Lisa's guided journey had an incredible experience together. We highly recommend Lisa and enjoyed working with her very much!

- Marshall & Steph

Sedona, AZ

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Meditation Suggestion

A healthy meditation practice helps to focus your thought process, allowing Source Energy to flow through you, bringing clarity to your life.

When you meditate on a regular basis, you will learn to relax your mind and go within allowing you to receive messages from the Universe, not just during meditation, but in all areas of your life.

It also feels good. It's like taking a 20 minute vacation!