Serene Expressions

This blog is for those looking to learn more about Spirituality.

Inspirational stories, metaphysical teachings and energetic healing practices are the focus of this page.

Organic Bliss

I have such a passion for the world of organic, instead of being angry for what I cannot do, I thought I would take action by doing what I can do...and that is to write about it!

And voila, Organic Bliss was born. Learn more about eating & growing organic food, along with generally connecting with Nature.

Fiction Fun, and More...

From time to time a story pops into my head that doesn’t fit the other blog categories. So, I decided to create a new blog that is entirely centered around fiction. While this is a place primarily for short stories, there may be the random thought of the day or poem inputted here too. So, grab a cup of tea, pull up a chair and relax, while you step into a world of make believe.

An American at Home in Paris

Paris is my home away from home and I couldn’t help but write about it during my two-year stay there. If you are looking for an American perspective on this City of Light, then please come visit this blog.

"...Spirit isn't just about going to a building and practicing for an hour a week. Being Spiritual is a way of life. Everything we do is about Spirit, whether we realize it or not - the way we breathe, each movement we take, the decisions we make, all of it. It's simply that when we open our awareness, we have more pleasure in the miracles that surround us in every moment."

- Lisa Tunney

from her book

The Seed Planter

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