Lisa's Journey

Growing up with people who constantly mispronounced my last name, I have learned to say, "Lisa Tunney - sounds like honey, money and funny - my three favorite things!" It usually gets a bit of a laugh and the person tends to remember how to say it from then on—as I hope do you. So, now that that's settled, I can take you on a brief tour on the road I have travelled to get to this moment.

My journey has taken me on various paths, but one thing that has stayed a constant in my life is my passion for education. Even now that I am not in school, I am continuously studying books, documentaries and observing my surroundings to learn more about my reality.

I am a Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner, Intuition Development Teacher, Philosopher, Organic Food/Green Living Advocate and a writer-at-large, writing as much as possible in my daily life. As a philosopher with an accessible style, I am passionate about sharing with others everything I have learned through my studies as well as from my personal observations. I personally like to integrate laughter as much as I can in my teaching, my writing, and my life in general, because without laughter, life wouldn't be much fun. And while I consider my work to be a pleasure, I also enjoy meditation, history, taking long walks, art, dance, yoga, traveling and a vast array of metaphysical studies.

To back up a bit, I have to admit that I wasn't always interested in Spirituality, but it seems that my path was drawn out for me to be of service to the community long before I remembered my True Nature.

I have been intuitive and highly empathic my entire life, having memories of this since infancy. My first mystical experience was at the age of six, but even before that event, I could see things "inter-dimensionally" that other people could not. However, six seemed to be an important year for me on many levels. For one thing, after spending two months at home for various ailments, I began dabbling in the kitchen, mixing concoctions to find alternative ways to heal. The roots for my interest in holistic healing were beginning to form even at this early age.

At the age of twelve when my intuitive skills were becoming more obvious, it was advised by my family to not tell anyone, so that I would not be labeled as different. I tested the waters by talking about my gifts to some children I babysat, only to find that my once regular source of income would end on that day. After this experience, I went deeply into the proverbial closet, never sharing my abilities with anyone.

As a teenager, however, I secretly utilized thoughts and energy for healing as well as for manifesting things I desired. I had a keen understanding of the law of attraction decades before the term "Law of Attraction" had been coined. Around the same time, I began to self-diagnose. Allopathic doctors initially would argue with my prognoses, but in the end, they would find that I was always right.

Professionally, I spent years in retail, and then in the corporate arena, which eventually led me to own my first business. This was all a part of my life script, but when the time came for me to make a change, I was hesitant. Actually, being hesitant is the understatement of the century. I felt stuck in the status quo and I didn’t want to budge. However, the Universe had other plans for me. If I wasn’t going to make the change, it was going to give me the nudge (or should say the complete and total shakedown) that I needed to make the change.

I lost almost everything I owned (materially speaking) and had to start anew again. This was the beginning of my rebirth. This was the time of real Awakening. As a result, I re-launched an interest in meditation that began in my college years. Moreover, I plummeted into the world of books relating to any number of topics on metaphysics. One after the other, I couldn’t get enough.

At around the same time, Reiki came knocking on my door. I didn’t just gingerly open the door. I swung it open and took it for a ride. Full speed ahead! ! It wasn’t long afterwards, when I felt the lifelong pull of Shamanism drawing closer to me. If Reiki was the seed that planted me into the world of healing, Shamanism was the fully grown oak tree with branches spreading out in all directions. That being said, my version of Reiki is very Shamanically-oriented, while my version of Shamanism is very Reiki-oriented. For me, they are tied in a loving marriage, and I am in deep gratitude for them both.

For my formal education, I graduated with a B.A. from the University of California at Berkeley with a focus in art history and I have an M.S. degree in Metaphysics from The American Institute of Holistic Theology. With regards to Reiki, I have been trained in the Master Teaching Levels of Usui Shiki Ryoho, Komyo, and Lightarian modalities by Anna Dorian. I have completed the 16-month Shamanism course with Greg “Wilder” Harper. I have received the 9 Munay-Ki Rites from Linda Garcia. Additionally, I have taken a plethora of one-day, and series courses with many other teachers. I have also learned to listen to my Guides, as they are my primary teachers in all things.

Facilitating groups and teaching classes brings a deep sense of joy to my heart. It is a part of my Soul’s life contract to teach what I know. And I am grateful to all who have allowed me to manifest this heart-centered dream of mine.

I thank you for getting to know me a little bit on this page.

Sending many Blessings your way.

~ Lisa

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